Drummer for Jazz scene artist and projects (Chassol, Yom...), Pop ( Aloe Blacc, Melissa Laveaux, Belle Roscoe...), World Music ( Tambürlode, Pan a Paname steel band ...)
I came to composing and producing music around 2008, working with some artist.
And turn it into a real love and passion when choreographer Anne Nguyen ask me to write "Autarcie..." soundtrack in 2012.

Finding the good atmosphere, the rights melodies and sounds, produce, record and mix the music:
I fall in love with it.

Born in Paris, I turn into music around my 17th years after I broke my leg at a Basketball game who was my passion then.

A friend of mine ask if I knew a drummer as he wanted to put a band together, and here I am starting playing drums as a hobby.
After my "baccalaureat" ( college degree in France), I went  to sociology university in Paris, France. I think I wanted to have kind of a "Indian Jones" life. But probably more because of John Williams'music, which already inspired me. And it turns out that after 3 months at the university, music became an evidence: I wanted to be a musician.

So I start to practice 6 hours a day to become a drummer. Took some drums lessons at some private school, and mostly had the chance to meet my first band with who I rehearsed 4 times a week and start to do a lot of gigs : "DAAHOUD", a latin jazz band . 

After some concerts, I met other artist as CHASSOL, (played 6 years with him), Pan à Paname , Tamburlode ( Brazilian band in Paris). Then I went to a Conservatory in Paris to study music and get a  drum degree, and start become a professionnal.
I even had the opportunity to start working in a conservatory as a drum accompanyist for the jazz class.

Then I really wanted to learn more about music so I decided to go to BERKLEE college of music, Boston. I had a French state scholarsdhip called "LAVOISIER" and another one from Berklee school, which allowed me to stay there for one year. Was such a great experience.

Then I came back in France , play a lot of different music genre, with a variety of artist. Then after 10 years of touring I decided I needed more time to compose and produce. 

So I decided to slow down the touring,
and build a record studio ( H2S music). Did few albums for some artists and bands, and learn how to record, mix and produce.

But my goal was to compose and produce my music.

So I took Harmony Class with Jean Marc Brisson. Big Band Orchestration class with Carine Bonnefoy. Screen music class with Jean Gobinet and Classical orchestration with Pascal Zavarro. These great musicians and composers teached me so much. I had a master degree for composition and orchestration from the Cachan conservatory, and a State diploma (Master degree) as Teacher for Modern music and Drums in French conservatory (Diplôme d'état).

Since then I wrote 3 dance creation (Autarcie, KATA and UNDERDOGS with Choreographer Anne Nguyen and other video project with her like EPICENTRE (October 2021), some music for trailers festival ( Chaillot, New York, Berlin), and some screen music (Rexsurrection)

Also writing my own projects in electronic music and producing for pop artists.