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Sebastien Lete came up playing the Jazz clubs of Paris in the late 90's. He co-founded funk band "Daahoud",  and continued to branch out playing with a diverse range of musicians.   

Sebastien has performed with Jazz artists including Chassol, Yom, Breno Brown, Claude Barthelemy; Pop artists such as Aloe Blacc, Melissa Laveaux, Rachel des Bois, Afrodiziac, Belle Roscoe; World Music artists like Tambürlode and Pan a Paname Steel Band, Marcia Short; and with musicals Hair and Full Monty.


After more than 15 years touring France, Europe and the world, Sebastien opened his studio "H2S Music" in Belleville, Paris.  He has produced, recorded and mixed songs, ep's and albums for many artists including: Lucie Bernardoni , Philippe Baden Powell, Sofia Essaïdi, Purple Iceberg,  Candice Parise, Mary May, Manu Larrouy, Hilo and the Middle Places, Fanny Llado, Gabrielle.

Beyond his time spent on stage, Sebastien also composes for film, tv and live performances. He is well known in the Contemporary Dance scene, composing multiple works for choreographer Anne Nguyen. He has a passion for creating unique & personalized music and loves collaborating with artists from different backgrounds- choreographers, film directors- really anyone who is looking to tell a story through music.

Sebastien is committed to his craft having studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, as well as Jazz and  Improvisation at Conservatoire de Bagnolet, Drums at Conservatoire de Montreuil, Composition with Jean Gobinet at ARPEJ school in ParisHarmony and Orchestration with Pascal Zavaro at the Conservatoire de Pantin.

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